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As a voice teacher it is important to always remember that each singer is on their own unique vocal journey. With regard to personal goals and student’s individual desires I believe it is the teachers’ job to empower the student, helping them to gain an awareness of the process and vocal function, These include learning to trust their body and intuition, strengthening their voice and honing their unique, beautiful sound. I am mindful that each voice student comes to the studio at a different point in their journey: some for the first time, some with specific performance goals in mind, some with deadlines, and some for a refresher. In each of these circumstances it is my job to give the student a reference point to what is healthy, what is functional, pure and free of constriction. I am merely a guide helping to navigate through this process, exploring sounds and sensations and awareness of the vocal function and body connectivity. I hope to empower you to trust your body, your intuition, and what feels good and easy. Ultimately, your body will help to lead you there. It will tell you what is right.



My Approach:



I take a direct approach, advising the student about the function along the way. Although imagery and metaphors can elicit beautiful sounds from the student it can leave much up to subjectivity. A student could feel confused about what something should feel or sound like, or could manipulate a sound to their interpretation of an image. That doesn’t cut it for me. Beyond the art of establishing a beautiful sound I want the student to know what is happening, why it is happening, and how to produce it again. Along with any personal goals you may have, we will work towards strengthening your voice to work optimally with a range of notes, variety of sounds and a sense of ease; allowing your individual voice and spirit of each student to shine through.  All singers have the muscles to create a beautiful sound. Vocal Health is always at the forefront of every opportunity to learn within my studio. Somatic Voicework™, The LoVetri Method aligns with my personal teaching philosophies so incredibly well that I became certified in this method of teaching.



Why have a guide as you navigate your own vocal journey?



  • The singing world is changing at an ever-rapid rate. Singers of all ages, talents and experiences are facing many extreme demands that come with today’s  performance expectations of singers, new sound technologies, and contemporary commercial singing opportunities. People are expected to push their voice to new extremes and sing higher, louder and more dynamic than ever. Some challenges that today’s singers may face..


  • The idea or concept that people have it or they don’t. They can sing or they can’t. This is untrue. There may be strong or weak sounds, but everyone can create a pleasing sound.


  • Music is instant. We are “plugged-in” for many hours of the day. This makes accessing music easy and can provide so much exposure and opportunities .... Because of this and other technologies we are always listening to “perfected”, “refined” or mixed sounds and often comparing those to that of our own instrument. This can really impress unreal expectations the voice. I can help you to wade through this.


  • The vocal process is an intricate system which involves many muscles, cartilages, bones and smaller processes. Just as getting a personal trainer in the gym can help you more effectively achieve your goals, so can a voice teacher. By combining warm ups, strength exercises, and stylistic studies we can set up a unique curriculum for you.







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